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Hi everyone. I'm Andrew Clark.

I'll mostly be poking around police / emergency services / justice / military / historical sorts of issues, but you may find me anywhere. For what it's worth, I am a certified First Aid / CPR instructor and first responder and I know more than a little bit about related issues . . . but welcome additions and feedback from experts. That's what Wikipedia is all about.

WARNING. I often don't bother to log in. This is because I believe that valuable contributions are made by random people who may not be wiki-fanatics. If you reverse my stuff just because it came in over an IP address -- instead of because it sucks -- you may hear from me. These are just a few I've contributed to.

Law enforcement: - police - first aid - security guard - Wackenhut - airport security - National Institute of Justice - park ranger

Military: - combatant - laws of war - combat lifesaver - military band - Soldier_of_Fortune_magazine

Low intensity warfare: terrorism - ecoterrorism - paramilitary - mercenary - deniability - blowback - Sea Shepherd

Customs: national flag - distress signal - Mayday

History: Kent State massacre

Emergency medicine: - first aid - wilderness first aid - autoinjector - triage - emergency medical technician - advanced cardiac life support - trauma center - emergency room - cardiac arrest - sexual assault - certified first responder - Basic_life_support

Textbook: First Aid [1]

Meta-articles: call for help - medical emergency - Please don't change these meta-articles casually. Please do link to them if editing articles on emergencies, especially medical emergencies. Also remember the medical disclaimer: Note: Wikipedia does not provide medical advice. If you have a medical problem, you should seek expert help.

Current work / in development / to be fixed: automated external defibrillator - shock (needs to be redone) - cardiac chain of survival

My current N/POV nightmare: Satanic ritual abuse