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This page, as written, should not exist. This topic already is covered in the main entry on Judaism, and the specifics are already covered in detail in the entries on Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism and Reform Judaism. Apparently the only reason that this article was made was to be a polemical rebuttal against everything else that exists in Wikipedia. It still looks to me like someone is trying to subvert the Wikipedia process, and is trying to create his own pro-Orthodox Judaism version of Wikipedia. This is a violation of NPOV, and a violation of the community rules that we have developed together. RK

I have no axe to grind re this subject, and don't know much about it. I think a page like this would be very useful. The content of this page may currently be wrong (I don't know), but I think we should keep the page.
Its not just that the content is wrong. The problem is that this entry already does exist under another name. However, there is one person with an axe to grind who is trying to create his own personal non-NPOV anti-Wikiepdia set of articles, to rewrite all this information from his personal viewpoint. That is not the way that Wikipedia works.
Are you referring to the 'Sects and denominations' subsection of the Judaism article? If it's a matter of duplication, perhaps the material that was/is here should be merged into that section. I don't think it's helpful to speculate about the motives of this or that contributor. It is a good idea to point new contributors to the existing topics and help them get a feel for how material is currently organized. Reading past Talk pages is always a good idea to get a feel for what has already been discussed and in many cases, how compromises were arrived at. Wesley