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The following is an exhaustive list of encyclopedia topics that do not appear to have articles in Wikipedia, but really should for maximum coverage. The intent is to create a sensible article with the given link - many being redirects - and then to remove it from these pages. Thus each page of the list should get steadily shorter. There are certain links which may be better not having pages created for them. An explanation for this should be noted next to the link and it moved to the bottom of the page.

Some of the topics listed are largely dictionary definitions and may not warrant a distinct article on Wikipedia.

Purpose of this page[edit]

The purpose of this page is to help contributors find holes in the coverage of Wikipedia.

Some of the links here can be "activated" with a sensible redirect; if you have a minute of spare time, please take a peek at some of the links. If Wikipedia articles exist on some of the topics, create redirects to them and remove them from the list. Others should become disambiguation pages.

If you find that there is no article to redirect the link to, but an article should exist, you can leave a short note to indicate this so no one duplicates your work, and to give a clue as to why the article deserves to be written. For example: "-- plant"; "-- mineral"; or "-- politician"; etc. Even better yet, write an article and remove the link from the list.

Biographies moved to Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/biographies.


Each page started with 1,000 entries except page 78, which started with 877, for 77,877 starting articles. Later we consolidated the lists.

81.0% done
Page From - to Remaining Complete
01 AAWCBirchley Heath 947 5.3%
02 Birchmoor Green Cefn Coch 899 11.1%
03 Cefn-brithDandridge 855 14.5%
04 Dandy NoteEndomychus 1000 0%
05 Endon BankGoodshaw 999 0.1%
06 Goodshaw Fold - Houghton Green 1000 0%
07 HoumeaKingscott 1000 0%
08 KingscrossLow Buston 1000 0%
09 Low EggboroughMimela 1000 0%
10 MimpathyOver Tabley 1000 0%
11 Over WortonQuench tank 1000 0%
12 QuenouilleScotsdike 1000 0%
13 ScotsmillSussistanako 1000 0%
14 SussoUpper Vobster 1000 0%
15 Upper WeybreadYoram Astrakhan 753 22.9%
Total 14454 81.03%

Note that page 78 started with 877 missing rather than 1000.